December 2017

Message From Wendy Baum:

The Perpetual People Pleaser

Are you a "people pleaser?"  Ever since I was a little girl, I have been a people pleaser.  I have always wanted everyone to like me at school, at work and in my personal life.  As I have grown older, I find it more and more difficult to be liked by everyone, especially when we live in such a complex world.  I have learned that we all have different opinions, and may not agree on important issues.  Looking back a few years ago, I vividly remember feeling crushed when a work or personal relationship changed, especially when I did not see it coming.  I was sad for weeks and turned to friends, work partners and/or loved ones to see what I could do to repair the harmed relationship.  As the years go on, and as more and more people come into my life, I still find it hard to watch a relationship turn to a closed chapter.  However, I am learning that unfortunately, these relationships end for a reason. Like most cycles, some relationships simply work better by parting ways.  Yet, this process of saying good-bye is still hard for me, especially as a leader. 

Daily, we are all faced with ongoing decisions, for which we cannot please everyone. As a good leader, one must focus on making decisions that are fair, right and honest.  At times, these challenging situations may have difficult outcomes, and sometimes people are hurt in the process. As a business owner, you may have to make a decision that is best for the organization, or sometimes, you must simply choose to do the right thing.  As we grow together, I hope that I can encourage all of us to use our listening skills attributed to our younger, people pleasing phase, to help guide each other into a "doing right by others" phase.  So, if I call you because I have disappointed someone close to me, and need some support, please remind me that I cannot please everyone. I will remind you too if you need the same support - just call. I'm here!

Recap of Events 

The Reel Club Luncheon and Fashion Show organized by Debbie Hopkins

The Western Suburb Chapter hosted a luncheon and fashion show on Wednesday, October 4 at the Reel Club in Oak Brook.  50 women attended including 20 EPWNG members and 30 guests. The event was a wonderful success! 

The Reel Club and Lettuce Entertain You were sponsors for the event.  They hosted EPWNG members and their guests in their newly renovated private dining room space in Oak Brook.  Check out the Reel Club menu and private dining room space with the attached link

Jill Card, the owner of Jeans and a Cute Top Shop, did an amazing job of showing upcoming fashions for the fall.  If you are in the western suburbs, check out one of her stores in Downers Grove, Wheaton or St. Charles.  Here is a link to her website.   

Chicago Ideas Week organized by Sheila Devi

On October 17, nine EPWNG members from various chapters attended Chicago Ideas Week at the Harris Theater in Millenium Park.  Among other presenters, they heard from Sarah Robb O'Hagan of Flywheel Sports and Bobbi Brown of the eponymous makeup empire.

The ladies met for dinner and drinks at Remington's on Michigan avenue before the event, and really enjoyed the entire evening.

Fall Profesional Speakers Of EPWNG organized by PSOE Committee


On October 24th, the Professional Speakers of EPWNG raised the bar at the West Loop's high energy Catalyst Ranch to tackle our lifelong search for Reaching Our Full Potential. Cindy Dove of Purposed Lives gave an insightful keynote, moderated and visually curated by Shirley Maeir. Three breakout sessions were offered by expert coaches, Claudia Braun of Living Mindfully, Sheila Devi of Two Steps Forward and Mara Heichman of Discover Your Potential. Key takeaways from the night included: be kind to, love and accept yourself; honest self-examination is integral to assessing when you need to consult someone like a coach; don't expect everyone to approach life as you do because two- thirds of the population does not, and it is never too late to make changes on your journey toward self-actualization.

Attendees enjoyed networking in the lively happy hour atmosphere and were treated to a sweet finish of delicious Italian donuts donated by the BomboBar at nearby Bar Siena. The event was captured by videographer and EPWNG member Kelly Luchtman of Snap! Web Video. A big thank you to PSOE members Eynav Epstein and Julie Bordo, board liaison Susie Raemer-Rodriguez and Gold Sponsor Wipfli for ensuring the night's success.

Bring a Friend Happy Hour Hosted by Martha Abelson

On October 25, Martha Abelson hosted a Bring-A-Friend event at her photography studio in Libertyville. It was an intimate, warm, and very friendly happy hour, with lots of great conversation and networking accompanied by prosecco and hors d'oeuvres. It was an eclectic group, with members and guests representing a wide variety of fields. The following members attended: Carol Gordon, Mary Justen, Julie Kaplan, Amanda Pictor, Lisa Sciascia, and Susan Shulman.

New member Breakfast hosted by Arlene Levin

Arlene Levin hosted our second New Member Breakfast of the year at her Wipfli office in Northbrook.  The event included new members that joined from June through October, 2017.  Participants really enjoyed the event and found it very informative.  They felt it was an opportunity to form strong connections in a small setting as well as learn about the benefits of EPWNG.  The food was fabulous, including Halloween candy treats! Thanks to Meg Bowman, Erin Doyle, Mary Justen, Robin Kramer, Sarabeth Salzman, Cindy Schulze, Jan Steiner, and Laurie Gens for attending.  Also thanks to MRC Sub-Committee hosts, Arlene Levin, Jody Perl, and Holly Katz as well as Board Member host, Ellen Feldman.  

Bring a Man (write-up by Rebecca Hoffman)

proudly offered the 7th annual "Bring A Man" networking lunch at Maggiano's Old Orchard.  50 EPWNG members plus their male guests enjoyed a family style luncheon complete with 3 table changes so that it was possible for each attendee to connect meaningfully with dozens of people.  There was a wide range of professions represented, and this fun event offers great potential for promising leads. The Bring A Man Luncheon allows EPWNG to shine, and members enjoy sharing the value of EPWNG membership with people who, literally, would not have a chance to do so otherwise.  If you weren't able to attend this year's event, we encourage you to attend next year!

Upcoming Events

January 16: Cooking class with Chef Lori of Crave Cuisine at Lakeview Kitchen and Market. Have fun with fellow EPWNG members as we learn new recipes or new twists on old favorites. Invitations will come out soon

February 6: The Human's at the Cadillac Palace Theatre is at capacity. Dinner before is optional.

Upcoming Events

January 16th - Cooking Class at Lakeview Kitchen and Market (Iris Marreck)

February 6th - The Humans at the Cadillac Palace Theatre (Debbie Feldman)



What is EPWNG? Member Julie Bordo came up with the perfect description. "EPWNG is a network of nearly 300 professional women, with branches in Chicago, the North Shore, Western suburbs, and the Northwest suburbs. We are putting a woman's touch on networking, building relationships, both professional and personal, through generosity and authenticity."

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