Issue XIII

August 2017

Message From Wendy Baum:

Growing Pains

At a recent EPWNG meeting, an entrepreneur's need was to connect with a coach to help her better control the balance in her life.  The other women at the table smiled, responding instantaneously.  The younger women responded with "it is not possible to have full balance" while the older women responded with "set boundaries and say NO more often."  I really thought about the women's feedback as I left the meeting and drove back to the office.

One beautiful element of aging is our ability to experience difference phases of life and gain wisdom from each one. We can better prioritize and feel more comfortable with saying no when the opportunity is not what we want. It is truly a luxury.  However, recently I witnessed a friend say no to a great opportunity, not because it was an opportunity she did not want, but instead because she did not have the confidence to go for it. I think we lose comfort in risk taking as we get older and tend to pick safer choices.  Regardless of your age, take some time before deciding on a "yes" or "no" opportunity.  Developing the art of saying no is important, but do not make the "no" answer a habitual response.  Consider the opportunity.  We best learn when we try and fail....

Recap of Events 

July 19: Happy Hour at Bobby's of Deerfield organized by Julie Silverman

Over 30 people signed up for the Happy Hour at Bobby's in Deerfield on July 19th.  It was a great evening with a nice variety of women that attended.  "We all made it a point to rotate around and socialize with one another, and everyone was deep in conversation the entire time," says host Julie Silverman.  Almost everyone stayed until the end, and many exchanged phone numbers with new contacts. And here's a measure of success: people were so engaged in conversation that nobody ate any food! 

July 25: New Member breakfast hosted by Arlene Levin

8 new EPWNG members as of January 2017 attended the New Member Breakfast at Wipfli, Arlene Levin's office in Northbrook. 4 veteran EPWNGers answered questions about the processes and benefits of EPWNG.  New members found the small group inviting, and the program informative.  There was a lot of energy in the room and guests made good connections.  The program will be repeated in late fall and will continued to be offered twice a year.

Special thanks to fellow Membership sub-committee hosts Jody Perl and Holly Katz, and Board Member host Ellen Feldman.

July 26: Bring a Friend Happy Hour hosted by Diane Steinmetz 


Makeup Artist and EPWNGer Diane Steinmetz hosted 16 people at her location in Highland Park for a Bring a Friend event. Over wine and light snacks, Diane showed off her DS Cosmetics line. The highlight of the evening was Diane's eyebrow sculpting demonstrations.  Most attendees had a one-on-one eyebrow consultation, and everyone raved about it afterward. As usual with EPWNG events, the energy in the room was great and there was a lot of mingling and connecting.

August 11: Dinner at The Lunatic, The Lover & The Poet organized by Trisha Daho

Host Trisha Daho writes: "We had a lovely night out at a hot new wine bar in the West Loop:   The Lunatic, the Lover, and the Poet (which is a nod to Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream) on Thursday, August 11.  In attendance were Susan Silver, Catherine Johns, Deane Brown, Natalia Polyak, Jacqueline Lotzof, and Nancy Tuzzolino, and myself."  

The wine was well curated and the food was amazing.  On the menu were scallops, burrata salads, smoked trout, pork shoulder, and much more.  The french fries were incredible!  The owner came over to tell us how they are made to extract the best amounts of sugar in the final product.  We talked travel, internships, politics, and work.

We would all highly recommend the venue.  We had great service and great food."  

Upcoming Events

August 28: Perfomance by Pentatonix at Ravinia. Concert and dinner on the lawn. Gates open at 5 p.m. and concert begins at 7:30 p.m. We have a limited number of lawn tickets reserved. Planned by Barb Yong. Registration is closed, but if you are interested in attending contact [email protected] to inquire about additional tickets.

September 26: Burberry cocktail, networking and shopping event will be held at 633 N. Michigan Ave, 5:30 p.m.-7:30 p.m. Proceeds from this event will go to the AKR Yellow Umbrella Foundation. Event planned by Mary Beth Velzy. Register HERE 

October 6: Tea at Palmer house, 2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. is planned by Trisha Daho.  Cost will be $40 per member. Invitation coming soon.

October 24: The fall happy hour PSOE event "
Aspiring to Reach Your Full Potential: Working with an Advisor, Consultant, Coach or Visionary" will be held at Catalyst Ranch in Chicago, 6 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. This event is open to the public so spread the word. More details to come.

Platinum Perspective 

 Kathryn Schutz, Theodore Travel

Do you want to go on a cool vacation but are overwhelmed at the thought of planning it? Kathryn Schutz is here for you! Her travel concierge company, Kathryn Theodore Travel, can handle as much or as little of the planning that you want, and all for free.  

After 25 years in the finance business, Kathryn wanted to follow her passions-wellness and travel. She opened her doors 3 years ago, specializing in wellness travel. "Now my clientele is a diverse group. I have millennials, young families, empty nesters, solo travelers, groups, multi-generational and adventure travelers."  Planning trips makes her happy, even if she isn't going on them. "I feel like it's my trip.  I love finding off-the-beaten track type of places. We give our clients tips, make reservations, plan parties, and find unique experiences."

For now, wellness travel continues to be hot. "The idea of incorporating a wellness experience into your travels and coming home feeling better and learning something new is invaluable," Kathryn says.  Another trend is that people are using travel advisors more and more.  She encourages anyone interested in planning travel for others to jump right in. "There is a large group of travel advisors retiring. The industry is desperate for new people and clients are moving away from booking things online."

Kathryn draws inspiration from her own travel and from her fellow working women.  Although she is new to EPWNG, she says, "It is such a wonderful opportunity to network and make new friends!"

And in case you were wondering, Kathryn's most memorable trip was Morocco.  "It is a beautiful country, reasonably priced, fantastic food and culture  - and they like Americans!" 

Upcoming Events

August 28th - Pentatonix at Ravinia Festival (Barb Yong)

September 26th - Cocktails at Burberry, Michigan Avenue (Mary Beth Velzy)

September 27th - Bring a Friend lunch  (Karen DeRose)

October 4th - Reel Club luncheon and fashion show (Debbie Hopkins)

October 6th - Tea at the Palmer House (Trisha Daho)

October 24th - PSOE evening event

October 25th - Bring a Friend happy Hour (Martha Abelson)


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