October 2016

Issue VI


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Back to Basics 

I was sitting at an EPWNG meeting the other day, and I was inspired just listening to the stories of the successful business women.  My take away was that each woman in that room has overcome adversity.  Some are proactively creating these challenges, trying to take their businesses to another level. Some are challenged with unwanted happenings, such as a personal illness or the need to care for a loved one.  Regardless, we are conditioned to fight. As women, we tend to wait too long before we ask for help.  We know that we are strong and capable, and often forget that we each have each other to lean on when help is needed.  We need to get better, as a professional support group, in helping one another.  Our EPWNG model is set up to ask for help each month.  Rarely do I hear a specific request any more at an EPWNG meeting.  Of course, we are all looking for more clients, but we are lacking in the clear details when we make an expressed request at the EPWNG networking meetings. Worse yet, I have heard that when fellow EPWNGers are reaching out to other members, there is sometimes lack of attention, or no reply at all.  This is really sad. Let's set a higher bar ladies, to encourage and help one another - in any capacity.   Better yet, if you know of someone that might need help, send an email, or take time for a call, and offer to help.  Life is tough, and individually, each one of you has accomplished terrific things.  Just imagine how much easier, and better, life could be with almost 300 additional women helping you  - in any capacity.  I challenge you this month - make at least one call to an EPWNG member that you can help! 


EPWNG is partnering with two woman-owned technology innovators, 30Seconds and Proxfinity, for an exciting downtown PSOE event at tech incubator 1871 for a networking Happy Hour (6pm to 8pm). The event will feature what EPWNG does best, authentic networking to form strategic partnerships. EPWNG speakers will join the leaders of 30Seconds, a social networking platform to share tips and information, and Proxfinity, a digital name badge company, to give guests the latest in strategies and tools for effective networking that produces meaningful connections. Please join us on November 3 and bring your friends and colleagues. The event is open to the public and the first 100 registrants will receive digital name badges for use during the event to find the most meaningful connections through this cutting edge technology.



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Social Gatherings & Events: 


We often hear from members that they would like additional ways to connect outside of the meetings.  Our Social Gatherings and Special Events are created with this in mind!  Come join us!


October 26th, 5p - 7p -- fashion talk at Anthropologie at Old Orchard. Get fall outfitting/desk to dinner fashion ideas while enjoying wine, cheese and networking with other EPWNG members. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER 

PSOE: NETWORKING 2.0: TECH, TACTICS & TAKEAWAYS is on November 3rd, 6p - 8p. Invite your friends, relatives, colleagues -- the public is welcome! Find additional information in this newsletter. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Our annual Bring A Man event: Thursday, November 17th at Maggiano's Old Orchard. Start thinking about which man in your life you want to bring to this fabulous annual event. Invitations going out soon!

September 24th was Walk the 606 and breakfast at Feast. Fun was had by all.

October 6th Anupy Singla and Kim Holstein spoke at Creative Promotional Products about Entrepreneurship: Finding Your Voice/Transforming Your Life. They twisted their life's experiences to inspire us all! Ellen Feldman baked delicious muffins and banana bread with Anupy's Indian spices. All who attended went home with Kim's Crave ice cream bar -- a very sweet ending to a wonderful morning.

Regular Networking Meeting News:

Can't make your meeting?  Did you know that if you cannot attend the meeting you are invited to you may be able to attend another?  Please make sure to view the calendar at www.epwng.com to see other meetings in your branch and check with Robin for an opening in that meeting! 

Invitations:  Please make sure to let us know if you are NOT receiving your invitations to your regular meetings!  You should be getting an invite the month before your next meeting. Email [email protected] if you have missed a meeting due to not receiving an invitation.  

Potential Member:  Have you given your gift of membership?  Please make sure they go to the website to register for a meeting.  Its simple!  They just have to click 'attend a meeting' and follow the simple steps.   Plus, make sure to use your potential member cards!  If you need more please let us know!


Member Update and Announcments:


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