November 2016

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I attended the EPWNG Professional Speakers of EPWNG (PSOE) event at 1871, and this networking experience was unlike any other.  We used electronic "connecting" badges that lit up to alert you that someone within your proximity had similar interests.  The challenging part was exploring why the badge was indicating that you and your "match" had commonality.  This technology added a fun "toy" to the networking experience. 

While this innovative form of networking left me with a sense of enjoyment, I was more struck by the collaboration of our EPWNG PSOE Committee.  Instead of sticking with the typical framework of using EPWNG members to speak at a breakfast, the PSOE committee explored another venue, collaborated with outside groups, and brought to life a whole new approach of showcasing our network. Dana Brenner, the one EPWNG speaker, is a recruiter. The EPWNG PSOE committee member supporting Dana and monitoring her time, Eynav Seinfeld Epstein, is another recruiter. Best yet, sitting next to Eynav, was a third PSOE committee member, Susie Raemer Rodriguez, another recruiter. As I watched all three women collaborate, I was overcome with pride.  These three professionals, working in the same industry, were sincerely supporting each other to make this night shine for EPWNG. I couldn't help but analogize their collaboration and teaming to the Cubs clinching the World Series less than 24 hours before this event.  These women, led by their fearless leader, Julie Bordo, risked doing something a little different in order to take EPWNG to a whole new level.  I could not be more proud to know that EPWNG's mission of collaboration and giving is not only working for our professional women, but it is now reaching to outside organizations, showcasing our true team spirit! Thank you PSOE!!


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Facebook Page Announcement

Hear ye, hear ye! We now have a closed Facebook group for EPWNG members. Here's the link to join the group.

Stay tuned for opportunities to contribute to our Facebook postings.


Lisa Koenigsberg
Founder of The Center for Speech & Language Development

Tell us about The Center for Speech & Language Development.  What is the focus of your practice?

The Center for Speech & Language Development is a boutique private practice specializing in a variety of diagnoses, disorders and delays in the pediatric population. In addition, we provide training for accent reduction and modification for adults.

What are some types of projects you undertake/types of clients you love to work with?

We work with all diagnoses and delays including dyspraxia, dysarthria, speech-language delays, failure to thrive, behaviorally difficult children, children who have a diagnoses such as Down syndrome, autism and autism spectrum disorders, ADHD, and a host of other diagnosis and delays.  We frequently assist families with children who have feeding difficulties, present with difficulty transitioning to the next stage of food type (for example, moving from bottle feeding to purees or toddler foods) or have been diagnosed with gastrointestinal reflux (GERD).

Additionally, we work with adults who present with accents to assist them in producing a more standard American accent.  People often don't realize how a strong regional accent or a foreign accent can be problematic in the workplace and also in everyday life and we see remarkable results for people who have a goal of reducing such accents.

What types of clients do you seek?

We are seeking pediatric as well as adult referrals. We offer both home-based visits and have a brand new office in the Old Orchard Professional Building. We are happy to consult with schools/classrooms/teachers to assist in making their classrooms work best for a more complicated child. We enjoy talking with parents who have questions or are looking for support around a specific issue or a greater concern.

What are some of the benefits of working with you and The Center for Speech & Language Development?

My team consists of energetic, personable and caring therapists. We look at the child as a whole person. Our goal is to incorporate individual speech-language, nutritional or developmental milestones while supporting emotional development and family dynamics. Our approach is to do everything possible to minimize stress on the parents and child, to offer tremendous support to the family so that the child is nurtured and can realize their fullest potential through therapy. 

In what ways has EPWNG been a support to your business growth?

I'm a new member to EPWNG. I see EPWNG as a group where I can support other women and in turn enjoy the same support and referral benefits as we all have a mutual goal of succeeding in our various enterprises.

From where do you draw professional inspiration?

I am always amazed by the strength of the families and children I work with. I have had the honor of working with wonderful families to help their children achieve their milestones.

Working with the adult population is also gratifying. As I watch non-native English speaker's become more comfortable communicating in this culture it drives me to want to do more so that they are at ease socially and in business settings. 

|What' activities do you pursue to keep your creativity/business sharp?

My team and I participate in continuing education courses to maintain our state of the art skills. We continually update our skills and obtain new credentials as appropriate.

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Social Gatherings & Events


We often hear from members that they would like additional ways to connect outside of the meetings.  Our Social Gatherings and Special Events are created with this in mind!  Come join us!

Our annual Bring A Man event: Thursday, November 17th at Maggiano's Old Orchard. Invitations have gone out and it's not too late to register (Registration closes Nov 15th). One of our most popular events -- share our wonderful group with a male colleague, friend, acquaintance or perhaps your husband. Click to register.


Godfrey Happy Hour Event

EPWNG members (and one guest) enjoyed a pleasant evening after work at the striking rooftop lounge of the Godfrey Hotel in downtown Chicago.  We visited and networked over a glass or two of wine and some delicious nibbles. Both the company and the venue were lovely, and the happy hour pricing was a bonus to the enjoyable ambiance.

Anthropolgie Event

A rainy night in October.  The Cubs were playing their 2nd game of the World Series at Cleveland. What better place to be than at Anthropologie with a group of EPWNG members sipping cider and learning about fun and funky fashions, from desk to dinner. The Anthropologie team could not have been more welcoming to our group of ladies. They provided appetizers, cider, a discount card and ideas on how to put together outfits for work, pleasure, travel and evening. 

PSOE Event

Photo credit 1871/Greg Rothstein

Earlier this month, EPWNG, along with women-owned tech pioneers, 30Seconds and Proxfinity, hosted 114 women and men at 1871, the epicenter of innovation in downtown Chicago. In a celebratory mood on the heels of the historic Cubs World Series Win, 1871 COO Tom Alexander kicked of the night with an inspirational message about the power of women in the STEM fields and how 1871 nurtures such talent. In addition to featuring our very own, supremely talented Dana Brenner who clued us in on the latest in social media networking, we heard from 30Seconds founder Elisa All Schmitz on her highly touted platform for connecting on every level 30 seconds at a time. The group was then wowed by the hip presentation of Proxfinity partners, Lisa Carrel and Christine Hutchison, after which everyone deployed Proxfinity's innovative digital light-up name badges to connect with other attendees with similar affinities. Every guest left with meaningful connections and contact information documented through the Proxfinity platform on their iPhone App or in an email. 


This event was the result of the hard work and dedication of the PSOE Committee and the combined vision of its chair, Lisa Kaplin, and Julie Bordo. Integral to the event's success were our generous sponsors, North Shore Law (, experienced women lawyers working to find legal solutions for you and your business, Tony Bordo Fitness ( offering tailored corporate and personal training fitness solutions, and Social Enjoyments Sparkling Wine with a sweet ending of delicious bomboloni donated by Siena Tavern and Bar Siena. The event was catered by Amazing Edibles ( that certainly lived up to its name. Many thanks to all who attended and/or supported this showcase event for EPWNG and its mission.


Regular Networking Meeting News

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Member Update and Announcments

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