MARCH 2016

Issue I




EPWNG is pleased to announce our first ever charitable partnership!  EPWNG Gives Back!

EPWNG will host a luncheon this July 14th at Ravinia Park to benefit Bright Pink Charity.  The event will feature CEO Lindsay Avner and Chief Medical Officer Dr. Deborah Lindner.  Bright Pink is focused on prevention and early detection of breast and ovarian cancer in young women.  Stay Tuned for Details!

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Welcome to the NEWLY FORMATTED EPWNG Newsletter - your source for all EPWNG information!  

Thanks to all of you, EPWNG 2016 is off to a great start!  We are so excited for the year that lies ahead.  Below please find a wealth of information regarding how to make the best use of your valuable EPWNG membership.  Our goal is to provide you with updates from all avenues of the organization.   You will find tips from our founder, Wendy Baum,  "Making 'Cents' out of EPWNG" to help you generate business from your netwroking experience.  Additionally, there are updates on Social Gatherings and Events - what's coming up, what you missed, and what dates you need to save for EPWNG activities, including your monthly networking meetings.  We have included a Spotlight Section, highlighting our Platinum Member companies which will provide industry insights and trends.  Lastly, please read the important individual Member Updates at the bottom - including some health related news that you will want to know about your fellow members so you can see how you can help!   As always, we want to thank our sponsors and - this month - we want to thank those who have already signed up to be a vendor at EPWNG in Bloom. 

Happy Reading!   I'm loving getting to know everyone and seeing how EPWNG can better expand your practices.  


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 Making 'CENTS' out of  EPWNG

Tips from our founder


Welcome New Members!

The first tip to help you start your networking journey:  Find commonality.   People like to be around those that share a common trait or same friend or similar history.  Explore getting to know what you have in common with those you are first meeting and quickly you will find a connection! 

Current Members:  How do we refresh?

Spring is around the corner! It is a great time to "refresh" by establishing a couple of new relationships. Welcome a new EPWNG member to our incredible organization!  Explain how you've benefitted from this group and ask how you can help!  Work at building your business by forming new business partners from EPWNG and watch your business grow during this blooming season....


Today's Platinum Highlight:

GOOD EGG CONCEPTS, Rebecca Hoffman

Tell us about Good Egg Concepts.  What is the focus of your practice?   

Good Egg Concepts is a consulting practice I formed in 2000.  About 7 years ago I decided to take it full time and focus on creative strategic communications and brand identity projects for businesses and non-profits alike.   I look at how to sharpen or develop client's brands into strong vehicles for a product or service.  I strategically shape communications projects for my clients and work hard to ensure every marketing initiative a client undertakes is a worthy one.
How did you become an expert in the field of branding and communications?  

Professionally, my experience is a bit of a creative braid.  I have worked for leading art museums and universities as well as for businesses in every marketing, fundraising and advancement capacity possible.  Each role I have held gave me successively greater perspective and skill in my field. Now as a consultant I love being able to share my expertise with clients to help them achieve their goals.

What are some types of projects you undertake with clients?

Clients come to me for help with many things. Together with my clients I refine tired brands, build new brand identities, and refresh or re-write collateral marketing materials, including mission statements, boilerplate content, blogs, and much more,  to make them sing both visually and emotionally.  I conceptualize strategic marketing initiatives to present a brand in a fresh way.

What are some of the benefits of working with you and Good Egg Concepts?    

Think of my practice as an un-agency.  I offer creative services that mirror many creative agencies however I do not mark up anything nor do I take any commissions for vendors with whom I work.  I work for myself and have no overhead so I charge an hourly fee for my service and have a stable of creatives and strategic partners (printers, designers, web designers, promotions people and even a tag line specialist) and should a client choose to draw upon any of these services they pay no mark-up or commission.  Additionally, I do not ask for any sort of retainer or contract to work with a client.  This is a very unusual model in the field and one that, I think, is not only refreshing but meaningful especially to client's bottom-lines.

In what ways has EPWNG been a support to your business growth? 

I joined EPWNG two years ago.  A dear friend brought me to a meeting.  Since becoming a member of EPWNG I have enjoyed the opportunity of doing business with many members.  I also enjoy our morning meetings as I always learn something new about so many industries I might not otherwise have had a chance to hear about.


Affairs with Linda
Andie K Wearable Art
First Bank of Highland Park
Fusion Academy
GorJus Whips
iris b. branding and communications
Ivy Room

JJB Educational Consulting, Inc.
Kidoodles Inc. and Initial It Gifts
Marc Jacobson and Associates
PCs: Soup to Nuts Inc.
Supporting Strategies l Chicago Far West Suburbs
Team Fireball

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Social Gatherings & Events: 

We often hear from members that they would like additional ways to connect outside of the meetings.  Our Social Gatherings and Special Events are created with this in mind!  Make sure you look out for invites and take advantage of these wonderful offerings.


Museum of Contemporary Art: March 22nd: Curator led tour beginning at 5:30pm and optional dinner afterwards at Beatrix.  RSVP

EPWNG IN BLOOM:  APRIL 12th 5:00-7:30pm.  Come see the work of your fellow EPWNG members.  Vendor tables will be set up to learn more about our members individual goods and services.   RSVP


Professional Speakers of EPWNG:  May 5th, 2016.  Petterinos, Chicago, 11:30-1:30

EPWNG BRIGHT PINK Luncheon:  July 14th at Ravinia 11:30 - 1:30



Holocaust Museum Tour:   Thank you to Liz Xilas for setting up a spectacular evening at the Illinois Holocaust Museum in January.  This was a spectacular learning experience and moving tribute.

Ballaro Dinner:   Thank you Lois Solomon and Amy Heller for setting up the dinner at Ballaro in Highwood and a thank you for all that attended.   Another wonderful way to connect to your fellow members!

Heidi Steves: Thank you to Heidi Stevens for her wonderful presentation to EPWNG members at East Bank Club.  Her discussion on Balance and Leaning towards each other was inspiring and uplifting.  Also thank you to Andrea Muchin and Ellen Fellman for arranging this wonderful luncheon.

Therapeutic Kneads:  Thank you to Holly Kahan for organizing another fantastic relaxing evening at Therapeutic Kneads in Highland Park.   We hope you all enjoyed the evening.  

Regular Networking Meeting News:

Can't make your meeting?  Did you know that if you cannot attend the meeting you are invited to you may be able to attend another?  Please make sure to view the calendar at to see other meetings in your branch! 

Invitations:  Please make sure to let us know if you are NOT receiving your invitations to your regular meetings!  You should be getting an invite the month before your next meeting.   Email [email protected] if you have missed a meeting due to not receiving an invitation.  

Potential Member:  Know a professional woman that you think would be a wonderful addition to EPWNG?   Please make sure they go to the website to register for a meeting.  Its simple!  They just have to click 'attend a meeting' and follow the simple steps.   Plus - make sure to use your potential member cards!  If you need more please let us know!


Member update:

Francine Brodsky, Freedom Home Care:  As many of you may know, on March 1st, Sydney Brodsky, the daughter of EPWNG member, Francine Brodsky, was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.  Sydney is 15 years old and is currently under amazing care at the University of Chicago Hospital, where Francine will be spending a lot of her time. Syndey's friends have set up a Facebook page SYDSTRONG where you can find updates and show your support.   In lieu of a meal chain, they are accepting gift cards for meals and/or help with delivery of meals.  Please contact Michelle Bernstein ([email protected]) for further assistance.   In the meantime, Francine would like you to know that if you need any assistance from Freedom Home Care, please contact the office directly.

Holly Kahan:  Holly's husband, Barry, has been diagnosed with ALS and as a result of his increasing immobility he developed a deep vein thrombosis the entire length of his leg. The blood thinners that required caused an abdominal hematoma which necessitated emergency surgical procedures.  Holly wants all EPWNG members to know how much the support her "band of sisters" has meant to her. 








Sponsorship Opportunities:   Do you want your corporate logo listed here or at any other EPWNG event?   Please contact Julie Carson for more information on multiple levels of sponsorships available.