APRIL 2016

Issue II



#Unstress for Success: Tools for Shifting Stress into Power

Learn from our panel as they address strategies for coping with stress to empower you towards success.




As always, thank you to everyone for continuing to be such engaging members of EPWNG.   We have some very exciting events coming up in the next few months.... including our Spring PSOE  #UNSTRESS FOR SUCCESS - Tools for Shifting Stress into Power!  Our fabulous committee has prepared an engaging panel who will provide you with tools to utilitize your stress towards power!  We hope you can make it - and bring a friend!  Register Now! 

Don't forget about our Spotlight Section, highlighting our Platinum Member.  This month it is Ashley Blankstein-Delaney from Whitehall.   She provides great insights into her business and business trends.  

EPWNG's Regularly Scheduled Networking Meetings are the core of what we do!  Make sure you review the Tips From Our Founder - to ensure you are making every meeting count!  If you are having difficulty registering for your meeting, please see the section below on how to make that process easier. 

I hope to see you all at PSOE May 5th, or at a meeting in the near future!

Please feel free to reach out at anytime!



  Making 'CENTS' out of  EPWNG

Tips from our founder


All Members:  The Gift of Giving!  The more you give the more you get!!!   How can you help another member meet their need for the month?  Giving of yourself benefits everyone!  Try to target 3 or 4 women at each meeting.  Reach out to each one with a simple email. This gift can be an offer for introduction, an idea, a cup of coffee, or anything else that helps a fellow member.  The gift of giving is contagious, and we will all be rewarded!

Special Welcome to our New Members!  The first tip to help you start your networking journey:  Find commonality.   People like to be around those that share a common trait or same friend or similar history.  Explore getting to know what you have in common with those you are first meeting and quickly you will find a connection! 


Today's Platinum Highlight:


Whitehall of Deerfield, Ashley Blankstein-Delaney

Tell us about your work at Whitehall.  What is the focus of your practice?   

I am the Director of Community relations and Marketing at Whitehall of Deerfield.  I have been in this role for 9 years, and the focus is to make sure all aspects of Whitehall of Deerfield are visible to the community.  So many people think of us as a Nursing home and we are much more of a Rehabilitation center, offering short term rehab and long term care.  Many people come to us for rehab post surgery. Knee and Hip replacements, any type of joint, more complicated like post stroke, cardiac, wound care and much more.
What are some types of patients Whitehall sees and what are the support systems in place for the families?  We see all different kids of patients at Whitehall. The only possible similarity is that they, mostly, at one point, knew someone who was here.  The support we have in place for patients here is amazing while they are here and when they leave.  Whitehall makes sure everything is set up at the home, and that the families are taken care of through a Care Plan and Care Conference. We have many difficult conversations here at Whitehall but that is what we do. We want to be open, honest and get people what they need.

What  trends do you see for 2016? I see patients going home from the hospital faster and I see insurance changing again. I see a state that has a lot of financial problems that concern me, and I see people in my generation might not have Medicare available for when they need it.  It's scary what's out there and nobody likes to think about the future. We all put off today what we will get to one day when there is time. The time is now. Protect your family, your friends and yourself.

What tips do you have for people considering placement?  Go visit facilities without an appointment during the day, or over the weekend so that you see what the surroundings are when you are actually there.  See what the place really looks like, how the people are hanging around, and how the staff treat each other, the patients and residents.

Does Whitehall support other events that may not be apparent at first glance? 
Whitehall of Deerfield is dedicated to community outreach.  We support local non for profit places like the YMCA in Northbrook, Faith In Action, which is a free service to seniors providing transportation, comfort care, companionship, and reading programs.  Whitehall is also involved in school sponsorships for the local communities and endless other races, walks and more.  Additionally, we are host to many educational seminars and industry meetings as a place for people to come together. 

In what ways has EPWNG been a support to your business growth? I have met so many incredible women through this group that have helped me inform the community of our work at Whitehall.  In return, I am able to offer free seminars to the community and allow the women coming in to present their business to a larger audience.  Most importantly, EPWNG has given me the opportunity to help provide guidance on care to women who are experiencing a crisis with a loved one.   




July 14th luncheon at Ravinia Park to benefit Bright Pink.  The event will feature CEO Lindsay Avner and Chief Medical Officer Dr. Deborah Lindner. 

Do you want to donate an item for silent auction?  Please contact Julie Carson with questions.

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Social Gatherings & Events: 

We often hear from members that they would like additional ways to connect outside of the meetings.  Our Social Gatherings and Special Events are created with this in mind!  Come join us!


PSOE #Unstress for Success:  Tools for Shifting Stress into Power: May 5th, 11:30am - 1:30pm.  Learn from our panel as they address strategies for coping with stress to empower you towards ultimate success!   Lunch will be served.  Petterino's, Chicago. RSVP

MECENAT BISTRO:  May 19th 6:30pm  Western Springs.  Join fellow EPWNG members for dinner in the Western Suburbs.  First come first serve table of 10.   RSVP


Concert in the Park - Millenium Park Concert: June 20th, 6:30pm.  Join EPWNG members for a pot-luck picnic dinner and enjoy the concert in the park.   

EPWNG BRIGHT PINK Luncheon:  July 14th at Ravinia Festival, Highland Park.  11:30am - 1:30pm.   Please feel free to bring guests and purchase multiple tickets.  We have a limited number of seats for this event and look forward to your participation!  Tickets will be available soon - check your email this week for the invitation! 

War Paint at Goodman Theater:  August 3rd 7:30pm.  Dinner prior to theater optional.  Details to follow



A Night at The Museum of Contemporary Art:   Thank you to Iris Marreck for setting up a spectacular evening at the MCA, and dinner at Beatrix aftwerwards!  This was a spectacular way to view art and be together!

Chicago Parent Playdate!   Thank you Lourdes Nichollis for partnering with EPWNG to allow our members to showcase their goods and services at this fantastic event.  Another wonderful way to connect to your fellow members and promote your business to a larger network!

Therapeutic Kneads:  Thank you to Holly Kahan for organizing another fantastic relaxing evening at Therapeutic Kneads in Highland Park.   We hope you all enjoyed the evening.  

Regular Networking Meeting News:

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Member Update and Announcments:

Bonnie Hillman Shay: Bonnie is being featured as The Lilac Tree's Blossom of the Month for April.  In case you don't know of The Lillac Tree, it is a not for profit organization based in Evanston that helps women before, during and after divorce.  Bonnie is thrilled to share her story so that it might help other clients and potential clients. 

Francine Brodsky, Freedom Home CareFrancine's daughter, Sydney Brodsky, was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.  Sydney, age 15, is going through treatments at the University of Chicago Hospital, where Francine will be spending a lot of her time. Syndey's friends have set up a Facebook page SYDSTRONG where you can find updates and show your support.   In the meantime, Francine would like you to know that if you need any assistance from Freedom Home Care, please contact the office directly.

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